Melbourne mum furious at industry after discovering texts to sex workers on teen’s phone

Here's the thing about online phone sex and sex texting.  Its only good if its legal and its only legal if you're of age and you're an adult.  No children allowed!

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A FURIOUS mother is at war with sex workers after discovering “disgusting” texts on her son’s phone. WARNING: Sexual content

WARNING: Sexual content

MELBOURNE mum Gemma* grounded her son last month and confiscated his mobile phone.

What happened next shocked her and her husband.

On the 15-year-old’s phone, they discovered what Gemma described as “crude, disgusting” texts offering sexual services and inviting the teen to addresses across the city.

He had tracked down sex workers on — a classifieds website that doubles as a marketplace for sex and has since been shut down. Identical sites have popped up in its place.

The content of the messages, Gemma says, included graphic sexual terms her and her husband had to look up online, as well as offers for unprotected sex and details of where to get it.

Now she’s calling on police and policy makers to be more vigilant in monitoring the sex industry. She wants them to know how easily the industry is accessed by minors. It’s as easy as firing off a text, she says. But police say no crimes have been committed.

“Hey, how are you? Just wondering if you’re still offering cream pie service? I’m clean, 24 and I’m (sic) good shape,” her son had written in response to an advertisement.

“Hi, yes I am still offering a creampie service, I’m just not available tonight for incalls as my hotel options are closed for checking in,” the response read.

In other messages, the teen lied about his age and asked if it was possible to have unprotected sex. On every occasion, the response was a firm “yes”.

“Can I come there?” the teen asked. “Prob start first sesh for 2 hours and see if we hit it off. I’ll bring some party so we can chill a little too.”